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Marketing and PR Leicestershire – Internet tip.

February 9th, 2012 by alastair

It’s amazing how many sites fall into the same old trap – it’s all we, we, we. ‘We do this and we do that’, and the whole home page has information about when a company was formed and how great the founders were, to the point of sycophancy. This is of absolutely no interest to the visitor at the early stage.

If you look at the very successful websites, they usually go straight into the benefit for the customer or specifically what they are selling. Amazon, the biggest online retailer in the world, immediately has information on books and CDs that are likely to interest you – not how big the company is. It may have that type of information somewhere, but Page 1 contains a list of the latest books and special offers to immediately hook you in.

This is one of the ideas covered in the book – “the Marketing Launchpad” by Alastair Campbell available now from Amazon – order your copy today.